40 Students and Teachers are Stabbed In Primary School In China.

40 students Stabbed in Primary School
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At least 40 students and China’s primary school staff were injured when security guards attacked them with a knife, the media reported on Thursday, the latest massacre attack on the country.

The incident happened at a school in southern Guangxi province, China Daily said in a statement.

Three of the injured are in critical condition, state-run CGTN TV reported. The suspect was arrested by police and the injured were taken to hospital, he said.
The incident took place on Thursday at 8:30 am at the Wangfu Town Central Primary School in the city of Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

A media briefing on an incident released by the Wangfu Town government said the suspect was attacked by 50-year-old school security guard Li Xiaomin, reported by the Hong Kong-based South Morning Post.

A media briefing said “at least 40 people” were injured, including three seriously injured “the school principal, another security guard and a student.

He said eight ambulances had been dispatched to the scene, and all the injured had been sent to Wuzhou city hospital and city health centers for treatment.

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A video produced by Xiaoxiang Morning News showed doctors and nurses attending at least 10 students with bandages on their head and body, and helping them get out of the school building.

At least one student had to be done by adults and the other students were being treated for a drop.

There was a long line of anxious parents waiting in front of the Wangfu government clinic.

One parent asked for anonymity and said most of the injured students were from the kindergarten class, aged between six.

“At about 8.30am, I heard loud noises and screams coming from the school as I lived nearby. I rushed to the school and saw some students coming out,” the Post report quotes the parent.

“Someone was there to tell me that a man in charge of a knife was attacking the school.

The alleged attacker was arrested by the local police for questioning. Shameless knife attacks have been taking place in different parts of China over the past few years.

The attackers aimed mainly at kindergarten and primary schools outside public transport to vent their anger.

In September last year, eight primary school students in central China were killed and two others injured in a brutal knife attack by a man, who was released from prison shortly after.

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