Briarpatch season 2

Briarpatch Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Latest Updates.

Briarpatch Season 2
Briarpatch Season 2

First season of the Briarpatch got the amazing response from the audience. Briarpatch is an American anthology and drama series. Writer of the series is Andy Greenwald which is based on the novel Briarpatch by Ross Thomas. Briarpatch season 1 was offically produced by Rosario Dawson.

Briarpatch season 1 was release on February 6, 2020. Season 1 got amazing response with good reviews mostly from teenagers. 7 episodes of the season 1 was officially premiered at 2019 Toronto International Film Festival before the official release of the series. It got positive reviews from the critics for its good cast performance and story line

Briarpatch season 2
Briarpatch Season 2

Briarpatch Season 2: Release Date.

There is no official announcement regarding the release date of the Briarpatch season 2 by the Directors. Release Date of the season 2 is postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Surely the season 2 will be aired in the year 2021, till then fans have to wait for it. The filming of the season 2 is not yet done, renewal of the season 2 is not confirmed by the officials of the Briarpatch Team. Also there is no update on social media for the season 2 of the Briarpatch.

Briarpatch Season 2: Cast

Star cast for the season 2 is not yet finalized by the Director and producer. As per the report we will see the star cast of season 1 in the next seaason. Rosaria Dawson acts as Allegria Dill,  Jake Spivey Character will be playing by Ferguson,   A.D Singe by Edi Gathegi, and Brian Geraghty by Captain Gene Colder,  Eve Raytek by Kim Dickens. It is not confirmed whether any actor or actress can be added or removed till the final starcast for the show. There will also some guest stars as per the requirement of the filming.

Briarpatch Season 2: Plot

Plot of the season 2 is not confirmed by the team of Briarpatch. Season 2 will start from the ending of season 1 where the Alexa enters into her sister house and then Strucker try to help her to take her to the home but on the way he was also targeted with a bomb attack.

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Now in season 2 we will get the answers whether the Strucker die or escaped from the car? Relationship between Colder and Felicity? Who installed the bomb in the car? Who wants to kill Strucker? What will happen next? All suspense will reveal in the next season!


Storyline of the Briarpatch revolves around the girl Allegra Dill. After the death of her sister Felicity in a car bombing/accident, Allegra Dill go to her hometown in Sanbonifacio, Texas. After the death of her sister Allegra signed a Lawyer as she is beneficiary of some Insurance policy owned by her sister Felicity. Strucker, chief of Detectives and Colder, captain offers the condolences ad good wishes but stops the entry of Allegra in the richest rented property that was owned by the Felicity. Colder also told the Allegra that he was about divorce his wife to marry Felicity.

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