Brothers allowed a black widow to bite them and believed they would transform into Spider-Man

Bolivia’s three young boys were hospitalized earlier this month when they were stabbed by a black spider while herding goats in a Bolivian village, a report said on Monday.

Believing a spider’s bite would empower them like a Spider-Man comic book, boys, ages 12, 10 and 8 from Chayanta, a town in the Andean region of Potosi, went to the stage on May 14 and pulled out a stick, Virgilio Pietro, the department’s epidemiologist The Bolivian health worker told Telemundo.

The first symptoms appeared within a few minutes. Her mother took them to a local health center. Their health did not improve and they were admitted to a hospital in the city of Llallagua.

When the boys failed to perform overnight, they were rushed to a children’s hospital in La Paz, with muscle pain, sweating, fever and generalized tremors, explained Pietro. After using the serum against the injury, they progressed to release on May 20, Telemundo said.
A black widow is rarely angry, the report said.

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