Cameron Diaz and husband Madden blessed to have daughter Raddix.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden blessed to have daughter Raddix, Actually Cameron Diaz is loving her motherhood.

In “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Cameron Diaz share her new experience of motherhood. She literally said on the TV that Raddix(her daughter) is “the best thing ever happened” to her and her husband Benji Madden.

Benji madden

“It’s been heaven, Jimmy,” she gushes to host Jimmy Fallon, explaining that her daughter is growing “so fast” that she now understands why friends who have kids previously told her to cherish this time.

“Literally every single day, there’s just leaps and bounds … and she’s not the same baby that she was yesterday,” Diaz shares. “Where was yesterday? Yesterday is literally gone, and today is a new day, and tomorrow will be a new day that she’s a completely different baby.”

“But it’s so gratifying to actually get to see that growth and to be a part of it,” she continues. “It’s just amazing. It’s the best thing that ever happened to both Benj and I.”

“We’re just so happy,” the mom says.

Diaz also reveals her taste in music has changed since becoming a mom. Though Madden, 41, is a musician and has been writing songs for their little girl, the couple — who tied the knot in January 2015 — have admittedly been rocking out to children’s music these days thanks to their baby girl.

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“We have ‘Baby Shark’ on rotation,” she says. “We have ‘Elmo’s Song.’ We have Sesame Street. It’s crazy. We’re like jamming out over there, and she loves it!”

The Charlie’s Angels star adds that Raddix has quite a knack for rhythm.

“It’s like she changes,” Diaz says of her daughter listening to music. “When we go on car drives, Benj will put on some Cuban, Afro-Cuban music, and she is in her car seat and her little legs are kicking … and I’m like, ‘Yep, that’s my girl!’ “

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