People Arrived In Shaheen Bagh to Protest Against CAA & NRC.

Women arrived in Shaheen Bagh for Protest against CAA and NRC.
Delhi Poice In Shaheen Bagh.

In the middle of the Corona Crisis, some people have sought to protest against the issue of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and the NRC. It is reported that the Delhi police received comments about the dharna protest which was resumed on a large scale such as Shaheen Bagh. In Shaheenbagh, some women even went to dharna to show, which was later returned. Following this filing, DCPs of all Delhi districts have been requested to take note of the law and orders in their constituencies. It is also reported that as a result of these concerns, some Paramilitary forces companies have been set up at other police stations in Delhi.

According to the findings of the Delhi Police, protests against the Citizens Amendment Act-NRC could be started in some places in North Delhi and Shaheen Bagh and in adjoining parts of South East Delhi. As a result, power has been increased in Shaheen Bagh and surrounding areas.

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On Wednesday afternoon, some women arrived in Shaheenbagh to take part under the law of citizenship. However, they were stopped. Like Shaheen Bagh, protesters can gather in Delhi and elsewhere, and the police get it. During the ongoing corona epidemic, the law and order of Delhi did not deteriorate, as this, some large military companies, including Delhi, were deployed to other police stations in Delhi to keep their eyes open.

The riots have erupted in many places, including Delhi’s Zafarabad, following protests in Shaheenbagh and elsewhere. For the last few days, court papers have been filed for criminal cases. On the landing page, your expelled councilors Tahir Hussain and Farrukh Faizal were informed by the manager of the riots.

Delhi’s deputy prime minister, Manish Sisodia on Thursday, said they were focused on the Delhi government to save lives, and provide adequate facilities for COVID-19 patients. He also said that some private hospitals dealing with bedside problems that keep up to 20 percent of coronavirus patients could be converted into COVID-19 hospitals.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s health minister, Satyendar Jain, said six private hospitals have been instructed to reserve 20 beds for COVID-19 patients.

Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the “Delhi Corona” mobile app where people can view beds and hospitals providing COVID-19 patients, rather than several differences with the app and the actual system.

The app indicated that 33 “COVID-19 beds” were vacant at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, but a hospital spokesman said no beds were available on Wednesday.

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