Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler’s best movie now streaming on Netflix.

Adam Sandler hasn’t played much drama, but he’s exceeded expectations. The uncut gem is no different.

Josh and Benny Safi’s critically acclaimed independent film, Howard Ratner, starring Sandler, a rare stone with a New York City jewelry gaming addiction, is being broadcast on Kevin Garnett and the 2012 Celtics game United Netflix. States of America streamer co-produces the film alongside indie hit producer A24. Unclaimed Gems are available to stream on Netflix in international locations before today.

Uncut Gems has been named one of the best films of 2019 by many critics, and most have not been recognized by Sandler Award Bodies. Worryingly, the film helped set the Safi brothers up to two of the most ambitious filmmakers of the year, Good Time in 2017 and Heaven Knows in 2014, which worked today.

Personally speaking, Anakat Ratna does an unprecedented job of presenting it as a basketball or any sport / fan. As Louis Bayan wrote in December 2019 on SB Nation:

This may be the most accurate sports movie I have ever seen. Whereas a conventional sports movie throws what feels like insurmountable challenges at the protagonists, only to resolve them neatly, in Uncut Gems, the outcome is unnecessary. The point is that you’ve become an emotional hostage. And you don’t have to be a degenerate gambler to know the feeling; any sports fan understands, because what is our favorite sports team if not our very own lying, philandering scumbag who we’ve tethered ourselves to arbitrarily and imbued with unearned loyalty and hope that may never be repaid, and whose feelings we’ll never feel reciprocated?

If you are looking for a good movie to spend your quarantine time the just go for Uncut Gems on Netflix.

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