Vikas Dubey Most Wanted Gangster killed in Encounter.

Vikas Dubey, Most Wanted Gangster killed in Encounter. Kanpur, made headlines across the country by killing eight policemen on the night of July 2 in Bikaru village of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh’s most wanted gangster Vikas Dubey was found in the Mahakal temple complex in Ujjain on Thursday morning. He has been arrested by the Madhya Pradesh Police after a six-day search. However, the arrest of the infamous criminal who was on police alert in several states was done in a dramatic manner.

The Madhya Pradesh Police is claiming to have caught him, but video footage of the events is telling the script of his surrender. This is the reason why common people, including relatives of the sacrificed policemen, are saying that Vikas Dubey has not been arrested, he has surrendered as a whole strategy. It is also being told that Vikas himself also said that he has come here only to give arrest. The Uttar Pradesh police has also detained his wife and son from Lucknow. On the other hand, two more henchmen were killed in two encounters with police in Kanpur and Etawah. Police has killed five people associated with the development so far. With this, ten people including two policemen have been arrested so far.

STF and police did Vikas Dubey encounter, killed Vikas Dubey.

After overturning the vehicle, Most Wanted Vikas Dubey snatched the pistol and opened fire. Police has taken Vikas seriously injured in the encounter to the hospital. 

In Kanpur, the STF vehicle overturned uncontrollably, police personnel on board the vehicle are reported injured. Vikas Dubey was also in this vehicle. Information is received that Vikas Dubey tried to run away after the vehicle overturned, the police encounter continues.

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STF(Special Task Force) team reached Kanpur- Vikas Dubey and police and STF have reached Kanpur. 6:28 AM- Bara Toll leaving STF Vikas Dubey from 3 trains left from Kanpur Dehat towards Kanpur Nagar. 6:34 AM – Raipur Kanpur enters the city from the countryside border. Mati is being moved from headquarters to some other place.

Kanpur team of STF reached the limit of the countryside: the development Dubey toll dough Jalaun district Plaza  outtothe convoyaround 5:38 pm turned enter the limits ofcrossed the river bridge KalpiKanpur countryside.

The convoy left from Ata: toll plazaAt, the convoy left Vikas Dubey from Ata toll plaza in Jalaun district, about 42 km from At Toll plaza 5.20 am . Amid the intense rain for over an hour, the police force drenched in the water for protection. Traffic was opened from At Toll only after the exit of Vikas Dubey from Atta Toll.

Heavy police force on the Aata and Kalpi Yamuna bridge: The STF team convoy running from Jhansi-Kanpur highway will cross the Kalpi Yamuna bridge through the Aata toll plaza and enter the border of Kanpur countryside. A heavy police force has been deployed on the Aata and Kalpi Yamuna bridge for security.

– STF team reached: Around 4:45 am, the OraiSTF team has left Vikas Dubey from Orai’s At Toll. Six vehicles of STF are together. From there, the Bara toll of Kanpur countryside is expected to reach in about a quarter of an hour.

STF team reached: STF team Jhansiaroundin Jhansi at3:15 pm from Raksa Border left for Kanpur with Vikas Dubey. During this time a large number of police forces were stationed at Raksa toll plaza. During this time, traffic was stopped for safety. Jhansi police will release Vikas Dubey from here to the border of Orai. During this time, the police also did not allow the media personnel to proceed.

– Possibility to take Kanpur via Datia: even after walking from Shivpuri at around 1 o’clock 2:30 pm STF team bringing Vikas Dubey tillhas not reached Raksa, while Jhansi is an hour’s way from Shivpuri. A road between Shivpuri to Jhansi also leads to Datia. It is expected that the STF team is taking Kanpur via Datia.

-The team left from around at1:00 pm Shivpuri toll plaza: STF team about Vikas Dubey came out of Shivpuri toll plaza. Vikas Dubey is sitting in Scorpio. The location of the STF team is missing after Shivpuri exit. The police stationed at Raksa toll plaza are also unable to say anything.

UP Police Alert on Raxa Border of Jhansi:alert late at at12:30 pm Police force deployedUttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh’s Raxa Border is on. The dreaded criminal Vikas is waiting for Dubey to come here. STF team is going to bring Vikas Dubey here in a while. From here the Jhansi police will leave Vikas Dubey to the border of Orai. There are strict security arrangements at the Raksa toll.

– UP Police bringing by road: Uttar Pradesh Police convoy took him by road. Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested two lawyers along with Dubey and the manager of the liquor company as well as four others. The manager is said to be a friend of gangster Dubey. This is what development called Ujjain. However, the police have not given any authorized information in this regard. At aroundThursday night, the 9:30 pm on Uttar Pradesh police convoy took him by road.

– Wife caught on information of local people:was caught Vikas’s wife Richaalong with her son from his house in Lucknow on Thursday night on the information of local people. People had called Dial 112 seeing Richa and her son. Meanwhile, the STF team also reached there and arrested them with the help of Krishna Nagar Police. STF took him to Kanpur. There they will be confronted with family members. 

Most wanted gangster Vikas Dubey came like this: Vikas Dubey reached Mahakal temple in Ujjain at 7.45 am. In front of the conch gate at the back of the temple, he asked a shopkeeper about the darshan system. The shopkeeper told about the arrangement for entering the temple with a receipt of Rs 250. A receipt was made in the name of Shubham on a fake ID and entered the temple premises. At 7.52 pm, he was seen in the CCTV camera installed at the exit gate of the temple. The guard of the temple was apprehended during the entry and brought to the police post. At first, he misquoted his name and address, the police strictly revealed the identity. Arrested at 8.45 am. Sources say that Vikas had visited the temple.

-UP police killed prize money of 50-50 thousand: Vikas Dubey’s henchman Prabhat Mishra of 50 thousand was killed by a joint team of STF and Kanpur police in Panki. He tried to run away by snatching the pistol of the policeman when he was driving on remand from Faridabad on Thursday morning. Two STF soldiers were also injured during the shootout. At the same time, 50 thousand prize bua alias Praveen Dubey, the other henchmen of Vikas, who looted a car on Etawah-Kanpur National Highway, were killed by Etawah police. Kombing is being done in search of his three escaped companions. 

So far in Bikaru Kand in: KanpurOn July 2, eight policemen including CO-SO were sacrificed in Bikaru village. On July 3, Kanpur led by IG Mohit Aggarwal and SSP Dinesh Kumar P killed Vikas Dubey’s maternal uncle Prem Prakash Pandey and cousin Atul Dubey in an encounter. On July 4, two bighas of development, the impregnable Kilanuma house and the bunker built below, were destroyed and weapons, bombs and ammunition were recovered. On July 8, suspended Chaubepur SO Vinay Kumar Tiwari and light incharge KK Sharma were arrested and sent to jail. In the joint operation of STF and Hamirpur police, the right hand of development, 50 thousand prize nephew Amar Dubey died in an encounter in Maudha. Shyamu Bajpai, a prize of 50-50 thousand, Jahan Yadav was nabbed in Kanpur.

Vikas Dubey Killed in Encounter

71 cases filed against: GangsterVikas is a notorious criminal. It can be estimated from this that he has 71 cases including robbery, murder and attempt to murder.

Bikeru scandal that shocked the country: Police team reached Vikas Dubey on Friday (July 2-3 night) in village Bikaru of Chaubepur police station area, about 38 km from Kanpur district headquarters. During this time, the infamous Vikas and his comrades were attacked, in which eight policemen including CO, SO were martyred. It was the first time in the state that such a large number of policemen had made sacrifices. However, the police killed the infamous maternal uncle and cousin in the encounter.

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