Who is Kreayshawn? How her song Gucci Gucci changed the world.

Who is Kreayshawn?

Who is Kreayshawn? How her song Gucci Gucci changed the world. Well, Kreayshawn is an American rapper, singer and music video director from Oakland, California. The real name of her is Natassia Gail Zolot, but she is worldwide famous by the name “Kreayshawn”.

Kreayshawn is trending on the twitter, fans are remembering her after a lot of time. Kreayshawn got viral from her debut song “Gucci Gucci” which was her first single and released in 2010. You can listen the song below:

Fans are posting on twitter that “Kreayshawn was a darling, if she came back today with this shit, she will be queen on tiktok” and ” 2020 bring back the Kreayshawn on Social Media, 2020 keeps on surprising LoL!”. Her fans still listen to her viral track Gucci Gucci, and feels nostalgic. They want the new artist to listen this song and start their career.

Fan tweeted “when kreayshawn released gucci gucci the world changed, there was a dimensional shift” and “I love how @KREAYSHAWN is poppin back up and trending on twitter. She also dropped a remix of GUCCI GUCCI this year.” another fan tweeted “Kreayshawn literally made me the person that I am today like wow oakland queen.”

Kreayshawn, whose genuine name is Natassia Gail Zolot, is an American rapper, vocalist and music video executive from Oakland, California. In 2011, while filling in as an individual from the rap bunch with her companions, named White Girl Mob, she discharged the music video for ‘Gucci’ to viral achievement. White Girl Mob disbanded in 2012 yet Kreayshawn’s performance profession took off with outstanding basic and open gathering. ‘Gucci’ followed the arrival of her 2010 introduction mixtape ‘Kittys x Choppas’ and showed up on her first studio collection ‘Somethin’ ‘Session Kreay’. The great track produced about 3,000,000 perspectives on YouTube in the initial three weeks and is presently at more than 68 million perspectives.

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Her different undertakings incorporated the release of the OK 1984 style brand and she released a choker assortment called Hella Cute. She is the sole inventive chief of OK 1984 since the time the brand was made. In 2014, Kreayshawn declared that she is beginning a digital broadcast with Chippy Nonstop called ‘Lost in Thot’ however it was since expelled from SoundCloud. Around the time Kreay additionally continued creating and teaming up, discharging melodies, for example, ‘Hello Ricky’ and ‘Pizza Song’. During her slanting resurgence on Twitter, Kreayshawn really reacted and let fans realize how best to help her as she is as of now in the red to Sony

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